About Voices of the People

There is an essential need for understanding and communication on the most critical issues perpetuating conflict and preventing reconciliation within and across borders in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. In order to embolden a citizen-led movement for peace, there needs to be well- coordinated people-to-people initiatives that create opportunities for Indians, Pakistanis and Afghans to encounter each other in positive humanizing ways; build trust and understanding of each other's perspectives; and foster cooperative efforts to address shared issues of concern. In utilizing a new media approach to this issue, an interactive online educational site was created under the project title "Voices of the People." Together Seeds from India, Pakistan and Afghanistan came together for a week-long conference in Mumbai, India in order to develop multi-media online content that would generate awareness and understanding of varying perspectives and views on core divisive issues. The video, visual and written interviews conducted during Voices of the People has been organized and featured in a user-friendly way that humanizes the most critical issues to reconciliation. We invite you to share your own thoughts on the stories as well as suggest ideas for future stories as well. Please take some time to review the content as we are certain that you'll be both impressed and inspired by the work presented here by those Seeds who have contributed to the site.